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Terms and Conditions

Strictly using our Direct Debit 'Fee Planner' system, on the 1st of each month (in advance). Late payments will be charged at £25.00 per month. 'Bounced' cheques will also be charged at £25.

Holidays and Sickness
In order to keep your child's place at Tall Trees, fees need to be paid in full throughout holidays and sickness.

For the health and welfare of all children at Tall Trees, we do not accept children on any days when they are unwell.
N.B. In general your child needs to be well enough to participate in a full day at Tall Trees including outdoor play, meal times and developmental activities, without the aid of any medicines.

Colds and coughs are generally fine - unless your child is running a high temperature or cannot go outside etc. Please be aware that we are unable to administer any medicines (including Calpol) unless prescribed by a doctor. Children who have suffered from sickness or diarrhoea must be clear from the last bout of illness for at least 48hrs. Parents co-operation regarding sickness is vital to ensure the well being of all children attending Tall Trees.

*Our comprehensive Policies and Procedures file is available for parents to look at-please ask a member of staff

We close for all Bank Holidays and for one week at Christmas - we make no charges for these times.

Changing Sessions
Once booked your child's sessions cannot be occasionally swapped for other ones. However you are welcome to contact the office if you require extra ad hoc sessions on an occasional basis. Any changes to booked sessions must be requested at least 1 month in advance.

Late Collection/Early Arrival
Fees are charged as above- unless arranged in advance with the office. Please note, late arrival cannot be assumed to equal late collection.

A minimum of 4 weeks is required if you wish to give notice to leave Tall Trees

We advise that children do not attend another setting as well as Tall Trees, particularly when the children start the Montessori pre-school. Please speak to the pre-school teacher or manager for more information. In addition, do be advised that Tall Trees requires a minimum of 3 sessions of attendance, per week, policy.

10%- For fulltime placements (10 sessions)
10%- Sibling discount (for the eldest child) A limited number of spaces for sibling school children in school holidays only are available - Please contact the office for more details.  3% - For children under 2 if parents provide and wash their own washable nappy system (not applicable for disposables or children over 2 years of age)



Tall Trees has added some of our popular recipes for parents to try at home- please click on the link to the left of this page


 Exciting news!

Nursery World Winner Photo.jpg

We are delighted to tell you that we are proud winners at the National Nursery World awards.


Announced at the London Lancaster hotel at the Awards Gala night on September 28th 2012, Tall Trees proudly collected their trophy in front of an audience of 500 people.


I am sure you will join us in celebrating this wonderful achievement which recognises the very high quality of care and early education that Tall Trees continually strives to provide. It is a truly unique and special recognition, and much thanks must be given to our wonderful team of dedicated and professional staff.